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Paragraph 1 - the majority of the listeners speak Spanish...

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Danielle Kim Gustafson ARLT 101g 8-26-09 Paragraph #1 “Thank you, Thank you. Gracias a todos…Today, we come together. One city. Angelenos all.” Mayor Villaraigosa’s Inaugural Address has interesting elements to it. Firstly, he uses both English and Spanish through it. He says phrases in Spanish that he does not translate to English. He is assuming that
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Unformatted text preview: the majority of the listeners speak Spanish. Secondly, he is addressing Los Angeles as if it was actually only one city. In my mind, LA is spans hundreds of miles and encompasses many different cities. While Villaraigosa is only the mayor of the actual city of Los Angeles, his actions and the city itself influences the surround area....
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