Study Sheet #3

Study Sheet #3 - Geulflfl Stutly,r Sheet #3 Pref.Sammis...

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Unformatted text preview: Geulflfl Stutly,r Sheet #3 Pref.Sammis Spring. 2MB Famous Enflhgtmies Read almut these in yeti: test — he ahle In identify from a lirief description. What makes an emhnutflte t'amnus'.’ Sire. Deaths. Learned Something. Foreign: WEE. Karim. Japan l9}? Grant! Banks. Canada WED Agudir. thst't't: liieiil Snuthern Chile I'SITS Haieheng. Chine I975 Tnngshnn. China Dnrttesiir.‘ Lntrl in Catiil'ntttiul IEI LIEU New Madrid. Misst'mri lfififi Charlestnn. Snuth Cnmllna lite-4 Alaska Ilnmestie L‘nlifnrnla IE I 1 San Juttn [Tapislmntn 19'“ Sun Femandt: IEST an 'l'ejt-n IE‘HEJ Lenin Ftieta IE1? Lil-sens Valley [992 Lenders I905 Sari Fm nciscn IW-i Ntn'thritige Iii} Lung Beach Eurtflgunke Benedictine Statistical l'tlethnth Based en reetIn-enee inten'ais FHEIITL Gutenberg-Richterdislrihuliun t11' srtutl] events Freln paleeseis mie measurements nt'eltl emthquakes Based en seismie gaps Hasetl nn titlai tnggenng Deterministie Methntls Physical preemuts b21331 U1] dilitiulwy-tlil'l'tlsiutt rtIL'del. 'kl'pg'Vs. Eleettieel resistivity [Uht'lls law teem} Changes in water level in wells Changesin water chemist} - radon Uplift as Ineastn'ed by [illlneters and gluvhneiers ._ mlm: 2 Newmn's unit-until law uf gras'iutlitm [ F = (I t I, Precursors based en seismieitgr patterns Magi titJnLtls Aeeeleratlng seismie n1nn1ent release. Rule ul' water untl euril'ILI unite 1.l‘i ggeri [[3 Effective stress law: t1. =H{s fl. - 31...; uaJte pres'entitm by itiggeri rt}:r small e'rettis — why ntn pruriieul. meanness risk management Earthquake l-lnzartl l :I r’rtutimitglI to active faults Largest pmhttl'tle eartth Like largest eretlll'tle earthquake 23 Site t-tmtlitinns Bust = hctimcl.‘ Wurst = water saturath inc-5:: scdimmm Liqujfamitm Fanhquakr: Rlslt [Harani + Hull-ding] 33 Building integrity Fluxihilily Remnancr Sufi first Lint}: Shear walls Fnilndalinn limiting EHM.‘ imluiitm. Persona] Barfly Mmsums Kuup u flint-day Supply uf fund uml wuiur. Stnlp water heatur in wall. Fasten Pinkshciwes to until. Nu hut-:1.- uhjucLI: tau-t hml. Stay intlmm until after shaking Amps Pmtot-t ynur head. Chuck ynumflf for injuries. if at night. put (in Aim-rs. Dun'l lum Eli-[Elli utilmu: yuu smull .u. leak. Knou' wth warm and gas shut riffs an: lemma. Hung wrench mm in gas shut off. ...
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Study Sheet #3 - Geulflfl Stutly,r Sheet #3 Pref.Sammis...

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