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IML 140 - applications for research writing and...

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Use Film and Media To Engage With Geological Sciences IML 140, Video Production and Media Theory: Topics in Geological Sciences Section: 37423 Tuesday, 4-5:50pm Taper B6 or Section: 37424 Wednesday, 4-5:50pm Taper B6 The 2-unit course is designed for students interested in creating a short film catering to their interests in topics of Geology. The class will focus on a critical engagement with media and will provide hands-on experience with multimedia authorship, production and editing in state-of-the-art labs on campus. Some of the projects produced will count toward your final grade in GEOL 240. This course focuses on documentary production and theory. The course will investigate various styles of documentary and how each style deals with issues of representation. It will also focus on production techniques and provide essential lab time and support to produce and create your short film. Students will also learn to use multimedia
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Unformatted text preview: applications for research, writing and collaboration; focusing on web-based applications, social networking and digital presentation tools. There is no prior media or production experience necessary and you will leave with the fundamentals of using media as a creative and critical tool. The tools used in this lab will enhance traditional forms of academic expression and provide practical skills to give you an edge as a student at USC and prepare you for your professional lives. IML 140 classes count as elective credit or towards the Digital Studies Minor and Honors in Multimedia Scholarship Program. For more information download a .pdf of the syllabus description at: http://web-app.usc.edu/soc/20093/iml.html (select IML 140, course code 37426 or 37427). Please email Elizabeth Ramsey with any further questions: [email protected] Matthew Williams [email protected] tel (310) 866-0267...
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