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Unformatted text preview: Iceland Off West Coast Reykjanes Ridge An example of the application of thermoremnant magnetization to the study of magnetic field reversals Lavas Recording Reversals in Earth's Magnetic Field Magnetic reversals in a sequence of lavas of varying age N R The Geomagnetic Time Scale Based on determining the magnetization of rocks of known age (from both the oceans and the continents). We have a good record of geomagnetic reversals back to about 60 Ma. Magnetic stripes on the sea floor Magnetic Stripes on the Seafloor Off West Coast Reykjanes Ridge Plate Velocities (cm/yr) Iceland sits astride the midAtlantic ridge Iceland is being pulled apart as it sits astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Formation of Magnetic Anomalies Age of Oceanic Crust Rifting and Seafloor Spreading Mosaic of Plates Seafloor Isochrons Millions of years before present 0 20 48 68 84 120 148 180 Divergent Boundaries Iceland Rifting and seafloor spreading in Iceland The Clipperton Fracture Zone on the East Pacific Rise Vine & Matthews ...
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