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Probability for Business (Syllabus) Math 218 (39558R) Fall 2009 Instructor: Miguel Dumett, KAP 416B, (213)821-1892, [email protected] E-mail is the best way to contact me. Ofce Hours: MW 3:45-4:30pm (Math Center, KAP 263). Teaching Assistant: Andrei Pavelescu, KAP 406A, (213) 821-1460, [email protected] Lectures: MW 2:00-3:20pm, ZHS 352. Discussion Sessions: GFS 221, TTh(2:00-2:50pm,3:00-3:50pm,4:00-4:50pm). This course will be geared toward Business students and will cover initially Basic Probability. Probability concepts are further developed by introducing the concept of Random Variable. Some discrete and continuous Probabilistic Models will be reviewed. The course ends with applications of the Central Limit Theorem (sampling distributions) to Point and Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing. Math Center: ( .) It is large study room (KAP 263) that is attended by faculty and graduate students in the department. It is run informally. The idea is that
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