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BUS_210_01__Syllabus___Fall_2009 - STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY...

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STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS COURSE SYLLABUS Financial Accounting - BUS 210, section 01 Prerequisites: BUS Major or Minor or MTD or ECO or ISE Major. Advisory prerequisites: BUS 110 or BUS 111 or BUS 112 or BUS 115. Instructor: Carl J. Allocca, CPA Fall semester 2009 Tuesday & Thursday 2:20 – 3:40 Office Hours: Room 305 - Harriman Hall Monday 11:30 - 1:00 Wednesday 2:00 - 3:30 Teaching assistants & their office hours will be posted when available. Office Phone: (631) 632-7191 E Mail: [email protected] Bulletin Description: Introduction to basic accounting fundamentals. Includes the recording, summarization and adjusting of financial transactions and the understanding of the basic accounting cycle. Explores the preparation and presentation of the basic financial statements; income statement, retained earnings statement, balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. Also includes accounting principles and concepts, asset and liability valuation. Course Materials Required: 1
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(1) Financial Accounting, 5 th Edition by Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso. (includes Wiley Plus), John Wiley & Sons Inc. (2) Four column analysis paper. Testing/Grading: Grade Exam # 1 20% Exam # 2 25% Final Exam 25% Project Assignments 20% Homework submissions via Wiley Plus 10% Course Overview: The aim of this course is designed to introduce the student to, and explore the basic financial accounting terminology, principles, concepts and their relevant applications. This course will pursue this basic understanding in an effort to enable the student to begin to think and communicate in a business, economic & financial environment. Through a combination of discussion, lecture and most importantly illustrative exercises and problems the accounting principles and practices will be reinforced and expanded upon in an attempt to achieve this basic understanding. Course Learning Objectives: At a minimum, after completing this course you should be able to: Prepare journal entries, adjustments and the basic financial statements .Analyze and assess a company's operational performance and financial position using various financial statement ratios.
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BUS_210_01__Syllabus___Fall_2009 - STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY...

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