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Cmn142 MT2 - CMN 142 Duncan How many Americans cannot read...

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CMN 142 Duncan How many Americans cannot read a simple science story? o 216 million Note the numbers on evolution and earth orbiting the sun. o This level of science illiteracy may explain why over 40 percent of Americans do not believe in evolution and about 20 percent when asked if the earth orbits the sun or vice versa, say it’s the sun that does the orbiting. Why is scientific ignorance dangerous? o It conjures the specter of a society in which a cadre of elites knows and understands the essentials of the science that underpins our civilization, while everyone else uses and depends on that science without having a clue. The outcome could be that illiterates becomes so fearful of science and technology, so resentful of the exalted position of the elites, that they try to slow down the progress of science, or stop it altogether. Or the opposite could happen: the scientifically elite may grow frustrated with the illiterates and try to co-opt or even control them. Note the author’s historical examples. o Alexandria: astronomer Aristarchus chased out of town for suggesting earth revolves around the sun. o Present day stem cell research. o Mayan elites using their knowledge of science designed an empire in which they used religion as a mask to control. o Europeans during the colonial era, using guns and ships to conquer the .ignorant savages”. Do Europeans and Japanese know more than we do? o They actually rate lower than we do in science literacy. What campaign does the author propose? o Launch a scientific literacy campaign like that of the mid 20 th century. Energy Bulletin
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This article is included as background for understanding the others. No questions will be asked. Bonde What does the peak oil organization that is the subject of the article do well? o They analyze and forecast the situation well. What is not doing well? o They do not offer a plan or solution. Whipple What does he mean by “peak oil lite’? o Our ability to maintain the current level of oil production. What is Whipple’s point about connecting the dots o They need to tell us what all this means and what is in store for us. What is his concluding argument about the editorial debate and what readers want to hear? o The Post is to be congratulated for doing a decent job of introducing the bases relevant to peak oil. Reading between the lines, one can sense an editorial debate, for the obvious conclusion is one that no reader wants to hear. Gelbspan Note the media claims in the first paragraph. o In the case of multiple climate change events with an underlying cause of Global Warming, the media has stayed almost silent and little coverage has been received regarding the issue. How does US media differ from other media in the coverage of climate?
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Cmn142 MT2 - CMN 142 Duncan How many Americans cannot read...

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