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Hill302 SyllabusFall 09 - BUAD 302 Communication Strategy...

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BUAD 302: Communication Strategy in Business Fall 2009 Syllabus 12:00–1:50 (14667) HOH 306 2:00–3:50 (14673) HOH 306 Professor: Anne Hill Office: ACC 400 B Office Hours: T-TH: 11:00-12:00 And by appointment E-Mail: [email protected] Telephone: 714-969-5906 You are working in an increasingly complex world characterized by explosive growth in access to and quantity of information—and your professional life will likely revolve around how you generate, organize, evaluate, and manage the communication of this information. Almost without exception, today’s business professionals attribute their success largely to their ability to write well, to speak dynamically, and to cultivate business relationships through strong interpersonal communication skills. Armed with astute communication strategies, business professionals can effectively exercise influence—an essential management skill—and produce desired results. Whether making a presentation, creating and executing an integrated persuasive appeal, or engaging in group problem solving—you should be able to convey ideas and feelings to your audience clearly, accurately, and persuasively. This course is designed to sharpen your existing skills as a strategic thinker, writer, and speaker and to employ those skills to realize an actionable understanding of strategic communication. The class is structured to emphasize experiential learning so that our study of managerial communication theory can be applied to exercises and activities mirroring real-world challenges you will face in your professional lives. LEARNING OBJECTIVES The overall goal of this course—Communication Strategy in Business—is to help you improve your ability to communicate successfully in the business world. Specifically, you will learn to analyze audiences and become aware of the interrelationship between context and purpose in order to develop the most effective strategy for successful communication in a business setting. You will use this analytical and strategic approach to improve your skills in each of the following communication categories:
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Business Communication Strategy—Theory to demonstrate an understanding of the elements of business communication theory and apply this understanding to communications in a wide range of business contexts. Business Communication Strategy— Application To apply communication theory in order to develop business communication strategies, including evaluation of purpose, audience, context, and channel choice. To demonstrate the ability to analyze, compare and critique these strategies, and effectively communicate this assessment. By the end of your BUAD 302 experience, you should have acquired knowledge and skills in the following areas: Business Presentations Analyze a communicative situation and develop a strategy to create effective persuasive business presentations. Demonstrate understanding of and apply the principles of effective business
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Hill302 SyllabusFall 09 - BUAD 302 Communication Strategy...

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