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Fiction / Short Story Definitions Antagonist The most significant character or force that opposes the protagonist. Anticlimax An unsatisfying and trivial turn of events in a literary work that occurs in place of a genuine climax. Character An imagined person who inhabits a story. Dynamic A changing character. Flat A character who has only one outstanding trait or feature Round A character who has been portrayed in great depth, and in more generous detail. Static A fixed character. Climax The moment of greatest tension, at which the outcome is to be decided. Complication A new conflict. Crisis A moment of heightened tension. Didactic fiction A narrative that intends to teach a specific moral lesson or provide a model for proper behavior. Dramatic Situation A person is involved in some conflict Epiphany Some moment of insight, discovery, or revelation by which a character’s life, or view of life, is greatly altered. Exposition The opening portion that sets the scene (if any), introduces the main characters, tells us what happened before the story opened, and provides any other background information that we need in order to understand and care about the events to follow. Fable A brief story that sets forth some pointed statement of truth. Fairy Tale
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ENG EXAM1 VOCAB&REVIEW - Fiction / Short Story...

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