PoetryFinalExam - PROMPT: Using a poem or poems from the...

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: Using a poem or poems from the text, write about poetry. FAQ: Can I use any poem in the book? Yes, just tell me the page number if it is one that we have not studied in class. Can I write about more than one poem? Yes, but no more than two. And your essay must discuss the two together. ..in other words, they must be connected in some way. What do you mean, "write about poetry"? You can explicate a poem, discuss its symbolism, analyze characters, etc. Anything you want! Just be sure that you focus on a poem or two. Mistress eyes – Shakespeare Coy mistress – Andrew Marvell O captain – Walt Whitman Ode – John Keats Mending wall – Robert Frost Westminster Bridge – William Wordsworth Poetry Definitions ALLITERATION The repetition of a speech sound in a sequence of words. BLANK VERSE Any unrhyming verse. (Most of Shakespeare's plays are in blank verse). CAESURA A significant pause, usually grammatical, within a line. CANTO A major section of a long poem. CLICHE A time-worn expression which has lost its vitality and to some extent its original meaning. CONCRETE POETRY (Also known as PATTERN POETRY) Refers to the placement of words on the page so that a picture is formed containing the image of the poem itself. Through this, concrete poetry is able to provide a multiple experience. CONNOTATION The connotation of a word refers to the range of secondary or associated significances and feelings which it commonly suggests or implies COUPLET A pair of rhymed lines (of any specificable length or rhythm). DICTION Refers to the choice and arrangements of words, phrases, sentence structures and figurative language that constitute any work of literature END RHYME The near duplication of sounds that takes place at the ends of lines. End rhyme is the most common type of rhyme. END STOPPED LINES
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PoetryFinalExam - PROMPT: Using a poem or poems from the...

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