Biology: Concepts and Connections

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Biology: Concepts and Connections, 5e (Campbell) Chapter 1: Introduction: The Scientific Study of Life 1) Which one of the following statements about brown pelicans is false ? Brown pelicans A) are scavengers, feeding slowly by skimming up floating remains of fish. B) can nest on the ground or in the trees. C) feed primarily on fish. D) were declared an endangered species in 1970. E) were greatly affected by human use of pesticides. Answer: A Topic: Introduction Skill: Factual Recall 2) Life is organized in a hierarchical fashion. Which one of the following sequences illustrates that hierarchy as it increases in complexity? A) ecosystem, population, organ system, cell, community, molecule, organ, organism, tissue B) cell, molecule, organ system, organ, population, tissue, organism, ecosystem, community C) organism, organ system, tissue, population, organ, community, cell, ecosystem, molecule D) molecule, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem E) ecosystem, molecule, cell, tissue, organism, organ system, organ, community Answer: D Topic: 1.1 Skill: Factual Recall 3) The tree in your backyard is home to two cardinals, a colony of ants, a wasp's nest, two squirrels, and millions of bacteria. Together, all of these organisms represent A) a species. B) a community. C) a population. D) an ecosystem. E) the biosphere. Answer: B Topic: 1.1 Skill: Application 4) If you eat a hamburger, you are mainly eating ground-up beef muscle. What levels of organization are represented in this ground-up muscle? A) organism, population, and community B) organ, organ system, and organism C) community, ecosystem, and biosphere D) organelle, cell, and tissue E) tissue, organ, and organ system Answer: A Topic: 1.1 Skill: Application
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5) Which of the following statements about ecosystems is false ? A) The "web of relationships" within an ecosystem includes the nonliving components of the environment. B) Bacteria and fungi recycle energy within an ecosystem. C) Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are producers in ecosystems. D) Chemical nutrients cycle within an ecosystem's structural web. E) In the process of energy conversions within an ecosystem, energy is eventually converted to heat. Answer: B Topic: 1.2 Skill: Factual Recall 6) The ultimate source of energy flowing into nearly all ecosystems is A) wind. B) sunlight. C) electricity. D) geothermal vents. E) radioactivity. Answer: B Topic: 1.2 Skill: Conceptual Understanding 7) A consumer eating a producer represents A) a transfer of chemical nutrients and energy. B) a transfer of chemical nutrients but not a transfer of energy. C) a transfer of energy but not a transfer of chemical nutrients. D) neither a transfer of chemical nutrients nor a transfer of energy.
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