Lec 22 - 4/25/06 Mediterranean Life Ecology & Fire...

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4/25/06 Mediterranean Life Lecture 22 Ways of Life o Island in the Land Isolation = unique species 6000 endemics (natives) o 5000 plants o 1000 animals California as many distinctive species o Mediterranean Heartland Adaptation o dry summers Common Strategies o Deep Roots o Very small stomata o Low Stature o Winter growth Grow when there is rain o Fire-response Mediterranean Communities o Coastal Scrub (sage) Mostly in Bay Area and LA Basin o Chaparral Heavy brush Covers most of the coast range o Monkey Flower a typical orange flower o Manzanitas Oily and tough Southern Chaparrals and Sierra Chaparrals o Grasslands Grasslands ring the central valley Valley Oak-grass savanna Grassland now has been altered by invasive species Replace beautiful annual wildflowers o California Poppy and Lupine Poppies are poisonous to Cattle o Oak Woodlands Oak grows in a little wetter landscape than the chapparral Oak is really tough Sierra foothill oak Mixes with pine Surroundings o Forest Redwood-Douglas Fir North Coast Redwoods and Douglas Fir grows really fast Redwoods creates a very sterile ground Coastal Pine Monterey pine forest (Del Monte woods) Mountain Pine-Fir Klamath mountains Cascades Sierra Pine Ponderosa Jeffrey
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Lec 22 - 4/25/06 Mediterranean Life Ecology & Fire...

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