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Midterm outline - Terms 1 2 Sunshine Climate...

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1. Sunshine Climate Glamour/Hollywood Citrus Belt/oranges Outdoors/fitness Diversity Job opportunity/fame 2. Noir Homeless Traffic Racial/economic segregation Superficiality/fake Corruption with fame/government Underclass: when area is not only low income but is charactized by certain social pathologies: high crime, bad education, no social institutions, bad family structure, happens because of high concentration of poverty. o During an economic downturn it effects underclass neighborhoods more than white upperclass. 3. Open shop: Anti-union, employees don’t have to join a union. 4. Closed shop: everyone who’s employed has to in a union. 5. Maria Elena Durazo: fought for immigrant rights in the workforce. Helped organize garment labor unions, made unions have better connection to its people. 6. Collective Bargaining- Unions bargain with each other to get more workers 7. National Labor Relations Act/Wagner Act (NLRA-1935): unions have the right to organize and employers have the obligation to bargain collectively with them. 8. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB): Independent federal agency created to oversee and enforce the provisions of the NLRA. 9. LAANE: think tank to change public policy to benefit low income communities. Formed coalition to promote living wages, wages that can allow them to live in their community that they work. North and South: - North- it already developed its own features, mostly single m e n - South- m ore family oriented 1. Urban sprawl: LA is designed with urban sprawl. Detached single family ho m e. Suburban visions in urban center. Three reasons why its b ad: ecological reasons, quality of life reasons, econo mic reasons (gas prices, time sp ent in traffic m e ans people are less productive, n e ed car for e ach p erson). 2. Hom e voter hypothesis: single family ho m e owners vote so they can
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Midterm outline - Terms 1 2 Sunshine Climate...

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