Terms - Hollywood Ten- 16 min documentary; denounced...

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Hollywood Ten- 16 min documentary; denounced McCarthyism and Hollywood blacklisting Red Scare/Mcarthyism/HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities) The Wagner Act 1935- a law that protects workers to engage in collective bargaining, take part in strikes, endorsed open shop Zoot Suit riots Sister Aimee/Angeles Temple McPherson- Taxi Dance Hall- women, called “taxi dancers” are paid to dance with patrons, who are made up with ethnic groups, men with disabilities, immigrants, people who are denied access elsewhere. Social place for everyone- non discriminative Eminent Domain- City Housing Authority (CHA) Bungalow The Unruh Act Euclid Supreme court case (Village of Euclid, Ohio v Amber Realty Co.)- racism played part in zoning; euclidean zoning segregated areas to minimize conflict Criminal Syndicalism Act White Spot Red Lining/Steering/Restrictive Covenants – mapping out the area that has bad neighborhoods that needs to be reconstructed. Discrimination- Red Lining area’s mortgage did not go up because it was “red lined” as bad area. Rosie the Rivetter- cultural icon of women working during the World War II Branch-plant economy- American companies started to look into Canadian market. Built factories in Canada WPA/New Deal- Works Progress Administration- to provide jobs for unemployed artists Aircraft industry Merchant and Manufactures Assoc. Gerrymandering- a form of redistribution in which the electoral boundaries are manipulated for electoral advantage. Racial, religious, political groups can be affected by this when they’re trying to get something passed Star Configuration (in city planning)- Mulholland Highway California Eagle- Oldest African-American newspaper that contained information on housing, jobs, helped black people, white press admonished it. Film Noir- low key black and white style of movies , during the Depression it became popular Pacific Electric/Red Cars- before the freeways, the red cars connected the parts of the city. Peaked popularity in the 1920’s until buses, automobiles, and trains replaced it. Upton Sinclair- EPIC movement (put taxes on the utilities, wealthy, provide pensions for old, disabled, and women, etc.) ran for mayor but lost. Executive order 9066- ordered the Japanese to evacuate from the city Zoning- separation of uses, mapping of districts (map and text), flexibility devices, planned unit development and transferable development rights systems Hadacheck v. Sebastian- Hadacheck was a prominent brickman, he tried to keep his brickyard when the housing developers tried to take his land away. Brickyard was considered as a nuisance for the value of the city, so it was
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Terms - Hollywood Ten- 16 min documentary; denounced...

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