Terms Final - Network Hire When people recruit people they...

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Network Hire : When people recruit people they know, usually of their own race. Keeps jobs in a certain ethnicity and creates niches. Ethnic Niche: When a population is over represented in an occupational field. White Flight : Demographic Trend in which working and middle class whites moved away from urban or racially desegregated areas. Hart-Cellar Act : was done in 1965 and overturned restrictive immigration quotas favoring western Europeans immigrants and led to a new wave of Latin American, Caribbean and Asian immigration into the United States. Maquiladora : A Mexican corporation or factory set in Mexican territory, but ran by both U.S and Mexican governments. Post-Fordist : the time after mass production and large factories or assembly lines where popular, it was more pro small production and specialized workers, more white collar jobs. Alameda Corridor : a 20 mile expressway connecting the national rail system near downtown Los Angeles to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, running parallel to Alameda Street. Neighborhood Council DEF: -groups of residents trained to become civil advocates for neighborhoods -proposed in 2001 by the city council president -created illusion of power -weren't provided the resources necessary to make changes SIG: -representation among the people and communities -shows dysfunction of LA city Gov to ppl -shows city "is just too big" -Valley Secession didn't have strong voice, so LA gives Neighborhood councils in response Gentrification is the restoration of a run-down urban area by the upper and middle class resulting in the displacement of low-income residents. Gentrification is seen in Los Angeles through ideas of new urbanism (smart growth) and sanctified neighborhoods. These sanctified neighborhoods often deem an outsiders perspective of what the area is like, and give rise to incoming developers who see a profit in gentrification. Smart growth, which attempts to manage and organize living space, is often used as euphemism for gentrification. Certain issues caused by gentrification were one of the motivations for advocating Prop 13, which stabilizes property taxes and rent, and allows for a smaller displacement of
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Terms Final - Network Hire When people recruit people they...

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