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0 (a) If we stack identical cubes side by side and directly on top of each other, we will find that eight cubes meet at any corner. Thus, one-eighth of the field lines emanating from the point charge pass through a cube with a corner at the charge, and the total flux through the surface of such a cube is q /8 ε 0 . Now the field lines are radial, so at each of the three cube faces that meet at the charge, the lines are parallel to the face and the flux
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Unformatted text preview: through the face is zero. (b) The fluxes through each of the other three faces are the same, so the flux through each of them is one-third of the total. That is, the flux through each of these faces is (1/3)( q /8 ε ) = q /24 ε . Thus, the multiple is 1/24 = 0.0417. 1 1. The total flux through any surface that completely surrounds the point charge is q / ε ....
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