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E160 Operations Research I Spring 2000 Homework #9 Solution Chapter 8 Section 8.6 1. We begin at Gary and include the Gary-South Bend arc. Then we add the South Bend-Fort Wayne arc. Next we add the Gary-Terre Haute arc. Finally we add the Terre Haute-Evansville arc. This minimum spanning tree has a total length of 58 + 79 + 164 + 113 = 414 miles. 2. We begin at node 1 with arc (1,3). Then we add (in turn) arcs (3,5), arc (3,4), and arc (3,2). Total length of the
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Unformatted text preview: tree is 15. Review Problem 5. Begin at NY and include NY-Cleveland arc (length 400). Next include NY-Nashville arc (length 800). Next include Nashville-Dallas(length 600). Next include Dallas-St. Louis(length 600). Next include Dallas-Phoenix(length 900). Next include Phoenix-LA (length 400. Finally include Salt Lake City-Los Angeles (length 600). Total length of minimum spanning tree is 4300 miles....
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