Homework 1 - Answers - 5 . (2 pts) In the Meselson-Stahl...

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Paull BIO212 Problem Set #1 (13 pts) Due on: 1/27 - 1/28 DNA structure/DNA replication 1. (3 pts) Name the bases in this diagram of DNA base-pairs. Which bases are purines, which are pyrimidines? 2. (1.5 pts) Shown below is one of the four bases present in RNA. Which base in DNA would form hydrogen bonds with this base? A. Guanine B. Cytosine C. Thymine D. Adenine E. Uracil 3. (2 pts) If a cell’s DNA is 30% guanine, what percent of its DNA is thymine? A. 10% B. 20% C. 30% D. 60% 4. (1 pt) Standard B-form DNA is: A. right-handed; strands are parallel B. left-handed; strands are parallel C. right-handed; strands are antiparallel D. left-handed; strands are antiparallel T A C G C and T are pyrimidines; G and A are purines
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Unformatted text preview: 5 . (2 pts) In the Meselson-Stahl DNA replication experiment, if the cells were first grown for many generations in N-15 containing media, and then switched to N-14 containing media, what percent of the DNA molecules would have 1 light strand and 1 heavy strand after 2 generations of growth in N-14 growth media? A. 0 B. 25 % C . 50 % D. 100 % 6. (1 pt) If two replication forks are started simultaneously at a replication origin, how many new strands of DNA are being produced? 7. (2.5 pts) Match the letters in the diagram below to the following terms: template strand: A lagging strand: C leading strand: B RNA primer: D and E Okazaki fragment: C 4...
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Homework 1 - Answers - 5 . (2 pts) In the Meselson-Stahl...

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