12 - Paull BIO 212 Problem Set#12(12 pts Due on May 4/5...

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Paull BIO 212 Problem Set #12 (12 pts) Due on May 4/5 Genetic variation/speciation Choose among the following options to match to the situations below: (1 pt each) A. no selection B. directional selection C. stabilizing selection D. diversifying selection E. sexual selection 1. An African butterfly species exists in two strikingly different color patterns, each of which closely resembles other species that are distasteful to birds. 2. Brightly colored peacocks mate more frequently than do drab colored peacocks. 3. Fossil evidence indicates that horses have gradually increased in size over geological time. 4. The average birth weight for human babies is about 7 pounds. 5. A certain species of land snail exists as either a cream color or a solid brown color. Intermediate indivduals are relatively rare. 6. Pathogenic bacteria found in many hospitals are antibiotic-resistant. 7. Several alleles of gene X are present in a particular bird species and approximately equal allele frequencies are found in different populations of birds in different habitats. 8. (1 pt) Which of the following reproductive isolating mechanisms is postzygotic?
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12 - Paull BIO 212 Problem Set#12(12 pts Due on May 4/5...

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