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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 16: Politics in Today’s California Immigrant panics in nation not echoed by CA anymore, after 3 immigrant panics since 1965--early 80s->late 90s. Immigration isn’t gonna stop till there’s no jobs though, pretty much a non-issue. I. Government Unhinged Gotten increasingly bizarre recently. Peculiar state, but CA’s ideas spread to nation esp in last 50yr. A. Parties Two party sys invented in US, arose in 19th cent, not in const. But CA and west different, party sys not well-established-Vigilantes disrupt,Dems collapse in Civ War. Repubs dominate 1860-1950.Tended to be basically a 1-party state. Repubs pretty much dominate gov’ship even now, but Cong and Leg. are Dem now. “Non-partisan” elections = can’t identify w/party-Attorney Gen, judges, local posts all nonpart.Supposedly “clean gov,”but undermines parties-Vig’s, Progrssves. W/one party state, 3rd pty movements erupt-Wkingmens 1870s,Union Labor 1900s, EPIC 1930s, Peace&Freedom1960s, Perot, Libertarians, Nader etc. B. Personalities Strong personality system-Arnold, Reagan, Jerry Brown. Media politics born here-wild west of print journalism/yellow journalism, picture media too inc. newsreels&propaganda. Smear campaigns invented to kill Sinclair’s EPIC 1934. Dangerous for actual democ....
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