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CH353 Homework assignment 5 ( due Thursday April 8 ) 1(10). Suppose someone gave you a container with 1 mole of N 2 . Estimate the number of N atoms in the container at (a) P=1 atm, T=298K, (b) P = 0.1 atm, T = 298K, and (c) P=1 atm, T = 1000K. Use Table C.3 in your textbook, assume that nitrogen is an ideal gas and that its heat capacity is temperature independent. 2. For the reaction CH 4 (g) + H 2 O(g) = CO(g) + 3H 2 (g) A(5) . Calculate the equilibrium constant K at T=500K, P=1 atm, using the following data: G f (CH 4 ) = -32741 J/mol, G f (H 2 O) = -219051 J/mol, G f (CO) = -155414 J/mol, G f (H 2 ) = 0 at T=500K, P=1 atm. B(10) . Calculate the equilibrium constant K at T=900K and P = 1 atm. Use the result from Part A and the following data: H f (CH 4 ) = -80802 J/mol, H f (H 2 O) = -243826 J/mol, H f (CO) = -110003 J/mol, H f (H 2 ) = 0 at T=500K, P=1 atm. Neglect the temperature dependence of the reaction heat H. C*(25)
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