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MGMT 20124: Preparing a Report using a Case study In addition to the correct format of your report there are content issues we need to consider. It is useful to read through the case a couple of times and get a feel as to what you will need to find before you go searching for articles. This is always problematic, but you do need to summarise the articles for support in your report, using the content, findings and conclusions. Therefore it is important that the articles are used in the detailed analysis, and argument in development of alternatives. The Assessment Criteria Matrix for the assignment should be read in order to understand exactly what is required of the assignment. The ‘knowledge & understanding, as well as “research skills” can be satisfied by finding argument (through the literature) for and against , the issues that are raised within the facts of the case. That is, how well you critically analyze the facts and refer to theories, models and concepts. It will also have a bearing on how well the recommendation/s put forward will have
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