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Revision MGMT20124_ T1_08 - Term 1 2008 Revision for...

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Term 1, 2008: Revision for MGMT20124 Key points to remember – noted below 1. Wood et al, 2006, (your set text) 2. 3. Revision for Examinations These notes are prepared to assist you with your examination preparation. Examination Note Please Read Carefully Questions in the examination paper can be set from any of the chapters that have been designated in the study schedule in your Course Profile. While there may be areas identified as not being addressed by a specific question in the following information, that is not to say that you should ignore them, as they can be used to clarify and enhance the quality of your answers given to the questions that are asked throughout the paper. 1.0 The textbook: Wood et al, 2006. Organisational Behaviour Your text Wood et al (2006) is a useful tool for reviewing the concepts and theories that are needed to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and ability to apply theory to practice. All 14 chapters of the text have been visited throughout the term. They explain the concepts that are associated with human behaviour, satisfaction and performance. Each chapter also provides some very good practical examples of the application of the theory. Your text is broken up into 5 parts (1-5): 1. An introduction to organisational behaviour 2. Managing individual behaviour and performance 3. Managing group dynamics and team performance 4. Managing organisational processes and performance 5. Case Studies They all include important concepts and contemporary exampled issues of the study of human behaviour. All of which helps us to understand and apply when managing. Wood et al. Part 1: What is Organisational Behaviour? Chapter one (1) introduces us to the issues management faces in the new workplace. There is no direct examination question from this chapter Important points are: What is organisational behaviour?
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The performance equation Human resource maintenance The psychological contract Contemporary themes in organisations NB: While there may be no specific examination question set from this chapter, it is important to understand that the content in the chapter can provide you with the opportunity to enhance the quality of questions that are in the exam . Wood et al; Part 2 Managing individual behaviour …. . Chapter 2: Individual attributes… Reviews the individual performance equation and explores various differences among individuals; differences such as; demographics, competencies, and their personality determinants. It also considers the individual’s values , their sources and trends. Job satisfaction
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Revision MGMT20124_ T1_08 - Term 1 2008 Revision for...

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