A New Company - sure that the accounting department is...

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A New Company 1 A New Company Axia College of University of Phoenix A New Company You have been hired into a new company to oversee the accounting department. What type of financial reports would you expect to see in your department? How will you use the financial reports available to you to make business decisions? If I were hired to oversee the accounting department of a company I would expect to see all balance sheets, accounts receivable and payable reports. I want to see every debits and credits reports describing all the company has done with the balance sheets that correspond with them. I would like to see reports that show the past and present financial numbers. From those sheets I can figure out how effectively the company is spending the money it brings in. I can also make
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Unformatted text preview: sure that the accounting department is incorporating the six principals of internal control into the operations of the department. I would then use all of the financial reports to ensure that the records show both current and past numbers and compare it to all of the company’s transactions A New Company 2 to get a better feel for the company’s profits as well as future potential profits. The reports will allow me to decide what the business should and should not be able to do. To do this I can provide training and coaching sessions to optimize performance. I think that overall the reports would give me a little voice, in the sea of voices, inside the company....
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A New Company - sure that the accounting department is...

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