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Abstract: 1. Objcetive [-1] 2. Method used [-1] 3. Results obtained [-1] 4. Significance of Results? [-1] No sketches or equation in the Abstract) Theory : 1. Covers experimental methods not theory [-1] 2. The theory section should be general in nature and applicable to any set-up. [-1] 3. The voltage of the points were constant when the electric field lines and separation distance of the points are at right angles. E= F/Q (1) where Electric field is defined as E (the dependent variable is is defined before the equation) , 4. Equations not numbered [-1] 5. Each equation must have a whole line by itself i.e. do not embed in text [-1] 6. Define symbols used in equation e,g, E,F,V,s etc .. [-1] per instant 7. No one would understand these equations unless they took Physics 2B. You need to narrate, step-by-step all these equations. Also,
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Unformatted text preview: your text below is not connecting with these equations Experimental Se-up/Procedure 1. Make a sketch of the apparatus [-1] Remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.] 2. Figure caption i.e. Number and name? [-.5] 3. V [-1] 4. Figures need to be titled and numbered i.e. captioned. Data 1. Make a data Table [-1] 2. Units for the readings are missing [-1] 3. Factor out a common units from a data table, in this case volt [-1] 4. Use proper units E has unit of V/m not 5. Discussion and Conclusion 1. State at least 5 possible sources of error [-5] 2. State at least 5 ways the experiment can be improved. [-5] 3. Did the experiment results validate theoretical claims? [-1] a pretty (use objective/scientific words ) successful...
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