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20080630 FORMAT FOR Technical Reports

20080630 FORMAT FOR Technical Reports - 1 Submit your...

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1. Submit your completed lab/technical report via yousendit.com by midnight due date 2. Please resend your report as a MS Word 2003 document. 3. Late Reports: Points would be deducted at the rate of 1% per hour. Your lab report assignments receipt time will be rounded off to the next hour so after midnight on due date you will lose 1%, after 1AM 2% etc. until zero % (in 100 hours) is reached . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FORMAT FOR LAB/Technical REPORTS Heading Your Name and e-mail address Lab Partners Experiment # x Date of Experiment Title of Experiment Abstract This is a statement, which summarizes the objective and results of the experiment. It should be brief; ¼ page. It will normally indicate the chief points illustrated or verified by experiment. In the abstract state: 1. Scientific motivation(s)/objectives(s) 2. Method used 3. Results obtained and their accuracy 4. Significance of results i.e. were you able to verify or illustrate lab objective(s) – most people leave out this decisive point Theory Rather than copy from textbooks and/or handouts, it is much better to summarize and to give working equations in your own words. State and explain the equations used in the computations. This is where you give the theoretical basis of the experiment. Always number your equations* for reference purposes. Leave all equations in variable form e.g. n 1 sin θ 1= n 2 sin θ 2 (1)* Define terms or variables used in each equation, in this case n 1, n 2 , θ 1, and θ 2 have to be defined.
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Experimental Set-Up/Procedure Sketch apparatus, at least Data [Collect raw data in your lab notebook. Notebooks are a reference for you. Avoid short hand and use well-known abbreviations. All notebook entries must be made as the experiment is happening. Do some preliminary calculations before you leave the lab. Show the instructor your calculations as you leave the lab and the instructor will initial and date your data to make it official.] An ordered display of data, preferably in tabular form, should be presented in the report.
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