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MicroscopeCare - 6 Pull the eyepieces(the ocular lenses...

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Microscope Check List 1. Turn light control down to the lowest power. 2. Turn the power switch off. 3. Remove slides from the stage. Make sure the stage is free of oil and debris. 4. Clean all the lenses of the microscope (oculars and objectives) with the lens cleaner (Formula 409). Make sure to use ‘Lens Paper’ tissue to clean the lenses. 5. Make sure that the scanning lens (4X) is facing the stage.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Pull the eyepieces (the ocular lenses) back together. 7. Adjust the stage slider to be even with the stage (make sure the gears and aluminum pieces are not sticking out). 8. Pull the stage all the way up. 9. Wrap the electrical cord neatly with strap and place between the stage and the base. 10. Place the microscope in the cabinet at the corresponding place-number....
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