Micro-LabGuidelines - Microbiology 004 LAB GUIDELINES 1 You...

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1 Microbiology 004 LAB GUIDELINES 1. You are expected to read all assigned experiments before coming to class. 2. Students MUST purchase their own eye goggles (protective eye wear) to be worn in the lab. 3. Wear your protective apron and eye goggles (protective eye wear) while in lab. When you are done for the day, place them in your drawer. Do not take them home with you. Also, do not wear them outside of the lab. Remove them before entering the hallway. 4. Never eat, drink, apply cosmetics, or chew gum in the laboratory. Avoid putting any objects in your mouth. 5. Keep you lab bench clear . In lab period, only your laboratory book and lab supplies should be kept on the table. All other books and items must be placed elsewhere. Do not bring backpacks/schoolbags into the classroom. You should have a clear space in front of you at any time when you are doing culture transfers. 6. Wash your hands well before and after lab and if you leave the lab for any reason, even a break. 7. Use disinfectant to disinfect work area before and after each lab period. 8. Media, materials and cultures are provided at the beginning of each lab period. Please take only what the lab exercise calls for. If you take more, you will probably be depriving someone else of their share. Live
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Micro-LabGuidelines - Microbiology 004 LAB GUIDELINES 1 You...

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