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apropos bash cal cat : Concatenates (lists) a specified file to the screen. cd : Changes current directory to a specified one. cp : Copies a file (same directory/different name or different directory/same or different name) without removing the original. cut : date : Displays system date and time. echo : Displays input on screen. head : less : logout : ls : Lists the contents of the working or specified directory. mkdir : Makes a specified directory. more mv : Moves a file either by renaming it and/or relocating it to a different directory.
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Unformatted text preview: Original file with its original name and location is removed. pwd : Prints working (current) directory. rm : removes a specified file from the current directory. rmdir : removes a specified directory as long as it contains no files. scp : A remote file copy program, which securely copies a file. script sort ssh : Secure shell. tail tr uniq wc whatis : yppasswd : enables you to change your current password to a new one....
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