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It was a real live Ptenarodon! The creature curved through the sky. He was coming straight toward the tree house. He looked like a glider plane! The wind began to blow. The leaves trembled. Suddenly the creature soared up. High into the sky. Jack nearly fell out the window trying to see it. The wind picked up. It was whistling now. The tree house started to spin. What s happening? cried Jack. Get down! shouted Annie.
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Unformatted text preview: She pulled him back from the window. The tree house was spinning. Faster and faster. Jack squeezed his eyes shut. He held onto Annie. Then everything was still. Absolutely still. Jack opened his eyes. Sunlight slanted through the window. There was Annie. The books. His backpack. The tree house was still high up in an oak tree. But it wasn t the same oak tree....
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