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John Bates Clark: Saw untouched American frontier as the closest to Darwin's "state of nature" described in "The Origin of Species;" Land least regulated by human rules-- presenting economical "ease of entry" and "price elasticity." Many Americans have disagreed with applying such biological theory to the social realm (social Darwinism). They've taken several active approaches through charity, muckraking, protest, reform, and self-liberation. Henry Carter Adams (ec): State of nature, only the worst kind of person would succeed. Simon Patten(ec): If no regulation, money gravitates to the few who waste it Mordecai Ezekiel (ec) believied wealthy had an obligation to help out the less fortunate. Andrew Carnagie donated 90% of his wealth to schools, libraries, etc America shaped into a nation of business. Technocracy//disconnected Upton Sinclair's The Jungle -- the worker lost in the factory/horrible conditions Frank Norris' The Octopus -- modern business is a mindless creature
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Unformatted text preview: Hire only the finest minds (advanced degrees) from finest universities Joseph Ward Krutch (Columbia University) quit job as professor//refused to contribute to shaping "so-called spets" or academic elitism Charles Van Hise, president of University of Wisconsin felt that advanced degrees were to advance society not to advance people over society; only granted tenure to those who applied their studies to servicing the community. Many people felt as if social darwinism labeled people, removing any individual identity; prophecy Franz Boas: Anthropologist who declared that people brought up as savages are just as smart as others. John Dewey; rather than stopping at "below average," individualize education experience and figure out individual strengths, weaknesses, and build upon those. Malcom X (Malcom Little) shed inflicted identity and find selves. Gloria Steinem; need androgynous world to know ourselves and achieve equality...
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