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hist - P2 Charles Davenport(eugenics William Graham...

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Intro--Charles Darwin (variety & selection) Harry McDean (authority & rules) P1- John Bates Clark vs Henry Carter Adams (America as a "State of nature") P2- William Graham Sumner vs. Frank Norris & Upton Sinclair ("What the Social Classes Owe Each Other" vs. "The Octopus" and "The Jungle") P3- William Graham Sumner vs. Mark Twain, Jack London, & JD Salinger (apathy, life without meaning) P4- Henry Ward Beecher (economic growth is God's will), William James (religion to find meaning), Billy Graham (everyone is a good Christian) P5- Sigmund Freud 's subconsciousness theory applied to Timothy Leary and Malcom X. P6- Gloria Steinem (sexless world), John Dewey (education reform) exemplification of equality. Conclusion OR P1 - John Bates Clark vs Henry Carter Adams
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Unformatted text preview: P2 - Charles Davenport (eugenics) William Graham Sumner (Social Classes) P3 - John R. Commons (Interstate Commerce Commision -- Master's in Econ at least) Walter Lippman (columnist -- only most evolved minds further master society), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Brain Trust) P4 - Ralph Egerton (anything not business is useless), William White (model after top leader), David Riesman ("other-directed" succeed) P5 - Franklin Taylor (aptitude test), Louis Terman (IQ test), Charles Murray/Richard Hernstein ("Bell Curve"), Herbert Spencer (GNP) P6 - Harvey Cox (religion irrelevant; success depends on how well you follow), David Porter (American elites should also be internationally elite)...
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