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hist3outline - Charles Van Hise 8 P3 Testing for academic...

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Intro: John Bates Clark; America as a state of nature; ease of entry/price elasticity Charles Darwin P1: Worst kind of people; responses to Clark Henry Carter Adams 1 WIlliam Graham Sumner Mordecai Ezekiel 2 Andrew Carnagie 3 Upton Sinclair 4 Frank Norris 5 Jack London 6 P2: Academic superiority/evolved minds Walter Lippman John R. Commons Joseph Ward Krutch 7
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Unformatted text preview: Charles Van Hise 8 P3: Testing for academic superiority; standardization Louis Terman Charles Murray & Richard Hernstein John Dewey 9 P4: Harry McDean Malcom X 10 Gloria Steinem 11 Timothy Leary 12 Conclusion: Charles Darwin, what we have come to understand. Us as a part of nature. Wealth vs. will to be heard and to be treated fairly....
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