Lec 12 - 3/14/06 L.A. Rising Southern California's Golden...

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3/14/06 L.A. Rising Southern California’s Golden Age Lecture 12 Southern Shift o Left in the Dust LA was smaller than Oakland up until the 1900’s Last bastion of Mexican California Was left out during the gold rush Was still fighting the Mexican American war up until 1850s Drought of 1863 Kills off much of the cattle, the main economy No more than 5000 people up until 1880s o Phoenix Rising Silver strikes in southern and eastern Sierra (1870) Owens Valley Naval Orange arrives, Riverside (1873) Seedless natural mutation Brazil breed orange o Only reproduce by means of cutting Citrus Empire o Foundation for the new growth of LA Railroad arrives Southern Pacific (1878) o New Central Pacific route Santa Fe (1882) o Flatter and no snow, compared to central pacific over the Sierra Nevada snowy mountains Cable Railway (1889) by Hellman The new port of LA Santa Monica was the first choice but in line with storms San Pedro gets the harbor o Terrible location, sandy due to mouth of LA river o Becomes largest port in the US Below Hong Kong and Rotterdam Long Beach and San Pedro Ports is one big port o Black Gold (1900 – 1930) First strikes, 1880s (Ventura – Union Oil) First in LA, 1892 (Edward Dohney)
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Lec 12 - 3/14/06 L.A. Rising Southern California's Golden...

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