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Patient Education Encourage patient to stop smoking and to avoid secondhand smoke. Teach patients diaphragmat- ic breathing and pursed lip breathing. Inspiratory muscle training is prescribed to patients who master diaphragmatic breathing in order to strengthen muscles used in breathing. Encourage pa- tients to relax and work at a slower pace. Obtain occupational therapy consult to help use work simplification techniques, such as sitting for tasks and pacing activities. Encourage enrollment in a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Components include breathing retraining techniques, proper use of medications and inhalers, secretion-tolerance techniques, panic control, prevention of res-
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Unformatted text preview: piratory infections, controlling dyspnea, and proper use of oxygen systems. Explain to the patient the proper flow rate and required number of hours for oxygen use. Also, the nurse should caution the patient that smoking near oxygen is extremely dangerous. Warn patient to prevent excessive fatigue patterns and to adjust activities according to individual fatigue patterns. Nutritional assessment and counseling are important aspects in the rehabilitation process. Counseling about meal planning and supplementation are part of the rehabilitation pro-cess. Encourage patient to maintain an open communication and regular follow-up with primary care provider....
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