treatment - Treatment Modalities Personality...

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Treatment Modalities Personality characteristics are learned early in life or may be genetic making it difficult to change behavior Little research exists to guide the decision of which therapy is most appropriate Selection is generally based on the area of greatest dysfunction such as cognition, af- fect, behavior, or interpersonal relations Interpersonal Psychotherapy Therapy can be brief and time-limited, or it may involve long-term exploratory psycho- therapy Long-term therapy aims at modifying maladjusted behaviors, cognition, and affects of clients with personality disorders that dominate their personal lives and relationships Suggested for clients with paranoid, schizoid, schizotypical, borderline, dependent, narcissistic, and obsessive -compulsive disorders. Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Treatment of choice for histrionic personality disorder Treatment focuses on the unconscious motivation for seeking total satisfaction from others and from being unable to commit to a stable an meaningful relationship
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treatment - Treatment Modalities Personality...

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