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LEARNING RECONSIDERED: A CAMPUS-WIDE FOCUS ON THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE Pg 21-43 Common themes Collaboration is needed between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, Faculty and Staff. Increase awareness of opportunities provided by all groups. TABLE I Pgs 21 & 22 - a categorization of SLO (Student Learning Outcomes) Goals into 7 broad LO (Learning Outcomes) Learning Reconsidered defines learning as a comprehensive, holistic, transformative activity that integrates academic learning and student development , processes that have often been considered separate, and even independent of each other “ “These outcomes and their dimensions are drawn from research published in 1993-2004” INTEGRATED LEARNING/DEVELOPMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES: WAYS AND MEANS LOs are accomplished in different ways and environments. Most focused and coherent outcomes come from a cooperative experience. Students, educators, and peers develop plan building experiences, using input from all understanding desired outcome and reflect on experience. LOs are complex and cumulative – all aspects of learning (curricular and extracurricular activities) combine to achieve college Los Theme of paper – “ no single arena of experience is solely responsible for producing these college outcomes Areas that colleges should pursue for SLO Student affairs and academic affairs partnerships for learning and developmental opportunities Student affairs learning and developmental opportunities Academic learning and developmental opportunities “Table I outlines specific learning outcomes, provides a description of those outcomes, offers examples of how the institution can develop them, and suggests various bodies of knowledge that serve as foundations for the design of learning experiences that support the outcomes.” DESIGNING THE FUTURE FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS Student Affairs (SA) should have a broad role in integrated education which values the role of SA educational programs and services in higher ed. This change in our view of education should impact how others understand learning. The many types of department s and areas of SA address how learning happens and how learning environments can be created and supported. Some of the concepts which shape LOs and work of SA include: Programs which cause collaboration and integration of SA and Academic Affairs (AA) programs and services o Diversify the campus administration and reporting procedures to make people accountable and aware of all campus which could include a new campus administrator who has both SA o Such as the Assistant Deans (AD) for Student Affairs programs
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ADs are in each college working to provide SA insight in the academic colleges More info on ADs program here ( http://www.fullerton.edu/assistantdeans/ ) Research in SA and student experiences on campus Understanding that SA is a source of the student experience Provide broader and diverse professional development for SA staff
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