Lec 8 - 2/16/06 Oakland Second City by the Bay Lecture 8...

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2/16/06 Oakland Second City by the Bay Lecture 8 Oakland Rising o Railhead Alameda county line was extended to accommodate Oakland A lot of estate land in Oakland Rich San Franciscans buy land in Oakland to retire Yerba Buena Island used to be called Goat Island A railroad cut right through Oakland onto a long pier stretching to San Francisco Railroad workers could afford Victorians in Oakland Mansions by the lake (Lake Merit) Created by damming a piece of the Bay by mayor Merit Rich flee from the industrial west Oakland Mountain View Cemetery was created like a big park 1875, Oakland was nothing, 1915, became the second city across the bay 1909, Census refers to the are as San Francisco Oakland Metropolitan Area 1908, built the big building city hall Doesn’t look like San Francisco’s classic dome architecture Looks like a skyscraper with a phallic object on top o Trying to look like a business district o They built the back of the city hall towards San Francisco intentionally o Borax and Boom Ties The Empire of Borax Smith Got Borax out of the Nevada Desert and Death Valley o A good cleaning agent Eventually becomes Clorax corporation Progressive Era improvements Ports, 1911 o Took the ort back from Southern Pacific San Francisco used to own in 19 th century o Oakland was the first port to go container and crushes san Francisco’s Port Sewers Lake Merritt Park o Street car city The Empire of Borax Smith The bought up all the street cars o Called the Key system It was the street car system of the east bay o Southern Pacific had a street car as small competition All the funny angled streets in the east bay used to have street car routes People took the street car to go shopping in downtown Oakland
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Lec 8 - 2/16/06 Oakland Second City by the Bay Lecture 8...

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