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p344outline - 6 Pure Substances thermodynamic potentials...

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Spring 2009 PHYSICS 344-3 Thermal Physics TEXTBOOK: Basic Thermodynamics” Author: Gerald Carrington Publisher: Oxford Science COURSE DESCRIPTION: Heat, temperature, heat transfer, kinetic theory, laws of thermodynamics, entropy, heat engines, applications of thermodynamics to special systems, phase transitions. Prerequisite: PHYS 126 or 121, MATH 251. Quantitative. COURSE OUTLINE: 1. Temperature, the ideal gas, and the kinetic model 2. Thermodynamic processes in ideal gas systems 3. Heat, work, and the first law of thermodynamics 4. Entropy, engines and refrigerators, and the second law of thermodynamics 5. Phase Transitions: melting, vaporization, sublimation, and phase equilibrium.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Pure Substances: thermodynamic potentials, Maxwell's relations, TdS equations, and the relationship between mechanical and thermal properties. 7. Thermodynamic treatment of simple physical systems other than pure substances. 8. Special Topics GRADING: 2 % Homework 40 % Midterm Exams (2) 40% Final Exam GENERAL: Students who cannot write their exam during the course’s scheduled exam time must request accommodation from their instructor in writing, clearly stating the reason for this request, before the end of the first week of classes....
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