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print '%26s %5s %15s'% ('Simple:Nonsimple','|','Average Words') print '%25s %6s %15s'% ('Sentence Ratio','|','per Sentence:') print '-'*50 def Counter(filename): lines = sentences = words = 0 for line in open(filename,'r'): lines += 1 if line.startswith('\n'): blanklines += 1 else: # assumes certain stop punctuation and counts to calculate sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: sentences += line.count('.') + line.count('!') + line.count('?') # word total count words += len(line.split()) ratio = float(words)/float(sentences) print '%1s %30.2f'% (filename,ratio) Counter('text1.txt') Counter('text2.txt') Counter('text3.txt')...
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