Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Assignment 1 due August 27

Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Assignment 1 due August 27 - 2 Define...

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ME 304-2 HEAT TRANSFER Assignment 1 due on Thursday, August 27, 2009 Mandatory reading and studying assignment: Notes taken in class Problem: As shown in the figure, electronic components mounted on a flat plate are cooled by convection to the surroundings and by liquid water circulating through a U-tube bounded to the plate. At steady state, water enters the tube at 1 20 T = °C and a velocity 1 0.4 V = m/s and exits at 2 24 T = °C with a negligible change in pressure. The electrical components receive an electrical power 0.5 el q = kW. The rate of energy transfer by convection from the plate-mounted electronics is estimated to be 0.08 conv q = kW. Determine the tube diameter, in cm. Recommendations 1. Handwriting, style, and presentation of the paper are important
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Define any new symbols 3. Provide explanations 4. State assumptions wherever applicable 5. Give the symbolic equation before inserting the numerical values 6. In a symbolic equation, always check the dimensions of each term 7. Always give the units in a numerical results and check them Checklist 1. Are all the symbols properly defined? 2. Did I provide clear explanations? 3. Did I state all the given conditions and the required assumptions? 4. In any symbolic equation, did I check the dimensions of each term? 5. Did I give the units in the numerical result? Did I check them? 6. Did I check the order of magnitude of my numerical results?...
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