Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Recommendations for studying heat transfer

Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Recommendations for studying heat transfer

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ME 304-2 Heat transfer Fall 2009 Recommendations for studying heat transfer Strictly comply with the reading and studying assignments. Take notes in class (the textbook is 997 page thick!). Do not hesitate asking questions in class. Study your notes after class; use the book to polish them. Work out all the examples without looking at the solution . If you do not understand something, come to my office with your notes . Do the homework. Come to my office with your notes if you are not able to attack a problem after a 15-minute struggle. Required format for homework and exams: This mandatory format is intended to develop healthy habits in problem solving. 1. Draw a schematic (when appropriate) 2. List all input data 3. List all conditions appearing in the problem statement 4. List the output data to be determined 5. Perform the analysis
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Unformatted text preview: a. Define the control volumes or the control surfaces b. Define all new symbols c. Explain the analysis in a few sentences d. List all assumptions 6. The equations used should be numbered and preceded by a statement of the physical principle involved ( e.g. mass balance applied to volume V , energy balance applied to volume V ) 7. The solution should remain in symbolic form until the final result is obtained (when appropriate) 8. The values of the physical properties should be specified separately before plugging them into an equation. 9. Check the order of magnitude of the solution (when appropriate) 10. Comment (when appropriate) For a design project , add an executive summary, a table of content, and a full nomenclature. A set of Guidelines for authors will be posted on Blackboard on due time....
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