Lec 6 - 1/31/06 Imperial San Francisco Mining and the Queen...

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1/31/06 Imperial San Francisco Mining and the Queen City of the West Lecture 6 Nature’s Metropolis o Golden Opportunity Built on the wealth of nature Gold was lying around in the river (Placer Gold) The World of the 49s Opportunity , Money , Government , Cosmopolis , Boy’s Town , Escape from Past Last gasp of the Old Republic Land for taking Quick wealth Gold Country developed a number of towns Placerville, Auburn, Grass Valley San Francisco became the gateway to the gold country The winds blow ships towards SF, not Marin, that’s why SF developed despite geographic similarities with Marin Ships docked on the shore and gold miners just abandon the ship Became warehouse ships, eventually burn down, then fill in o Now makes the infill shore of San Francisco 1855, Pacer Gold runs out Two Thirds of miners leave Turns to hydraulic mining o Takes capital and makes capital Deep Mining o Comstock Lode (Silver) o Mine Workers Virginia City used to be part of California, now in Nevada New Almaden Near San Jose Mercury Mine o Needed to extract gold and silver out of dirt o Leeks into the Almaden creek to the Guadalupe River to the South Bay. 1880, mining ends Silver prices collapse due to gold standard Hydraulic Mining outlawed o Caused flooding due to filling of rivers with dirt o Mining Capital The mining flooded the market with silver Only silver and gold coins used up till the late 19 th century when paper money was introduced 1860s - 1880s, silver lost monetary value as US went on Gold Standard o Resulted in slow in inflation Inflation was preferred in states with debt Inflation makes debt easier to pay back Ghost Towns the result of the end of Silver boom o Resource Industries SF becomes biggest city in the 1880s
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Lec 6 - 1/31/06 Imperial San Francisco Mining and the Queen...

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