Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Syllabus

Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Syllabus - ME 304-2 Heat Transfer Fall...

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1 ME 304-2 - Heat Transfer Fall 2009, TTh 12:30 am-1:45 am, Riggs 307 Instructor: Dr. Jean-Marc Delhaye Office: Room 218, Fluor Daniel Bldg Phone: 656-7196 [email protected] Office Hours: 2:30 pm-5:30 pm T, and by appointment Textbook: Incropera, F.P. et al ., 2006, Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer , 6th Edition, John Wiley & Sons. Prereqs: ME 308, Num. Anal. and MTHSC 208, with a grade of C or better Objective of the course and student learning outcomes: Main objective: How to solve a heat transfer problem in a rational, efficient and professional way. Students will be able: 1. to give and explain the meaning of the terminology and physical principles ( e.g. What is the heat transfer coefficient? What is a thermal boundary layer? What is the Fourier number? What is a gray surface?), 2. to distinguish the pertinent transport phenomena for any process or system involving heat transfer, and evaluate their respective contributions ( e.g. What are the possible heat transfer mechanisms between the outside wall of a furnace and the surroundings?), 3. to use requisite inputs for computing heat transfer rates and/or temperatures ( e.g. calculate the rate of heat loss per unit length from the surface of an insulated steam pipe passing through a room), 4. to develop representative models of processes and systems, and draw conclusions concerning process/system design or performance ( e.g . design of a satellite radiator, performance of an intercooler for a gas turbine plant, design of the thermal monitoring system of a space suit). Homework: Homework will be generally posted on Blackboard each Thursday . They will be due at the beginning of class , the Thursday of the following week . No late homework will be accepted . Makeups for homework assignments are possible only with a valid, written, medical or university excuse. It is the student's responsibility to give the professor the written excuse
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Fall 2009 ME 304-2 Syllabus - ME 304-2 Heat Transfer Fall...

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