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Week 1 M 1/12 INTRO: Course intro and overview Intermedia lab intro: Student handbook, lab use and protocol, OSX SCREEN: Previous student work LAB: Photoshop Lab 01: Basics HW Buy required books and drive if you don’t already have one Read Photoshop One-on-One pg 3-22 W 1/14 LAB: Equipment Checkout Protocol by Jeff Cain Instructor Demonstration 01: Camera and PS Demonstration HW: Read PS One-on-One Lesson 2 pg 41-63 Rebel settings.pdf, Rebel return.pdf and downloading_images.pdf Week 2 M 1/19 HOLIDAY W 1/21 LAB: Camera Lab 01: Introduction to the Canon Rebel PS Lab 02: Bridge and CRW (requires Camera Lab 01 images) DRIVE REQUIRED HW Read PS One-on-One Lesson 3 pg 75 & 87-110
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Week 3 M 1/26 LAB: PS Lab 03: Image Adjustments PS Lab 04: Image Adjustments from Camera Lab 01 HW Read Barthes- Camera Lucida p3-60 and Verlas- Real People Write reading responses W 1/28 DUE: Reading response due on Barthes (3 Questions and 1 Essay) LAB PS Lab 05: Making Selections and Transform Discuss Barthes Reading LECTURE Lecture on Project 1 SCREEN Andy Warhol-Screentests & Sleep, Doug Aitken-Electric Earth; Tehching Hsieh-One Year Performances
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2009 for the course FA 210 taught by Professor Beck during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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FA_210_calendar(m-w-S09) - Week 1 M 1/12 INTRO Course intro...

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