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INTERMEDIA SPRING 2009 USC ROSKI SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS HAR220C About The Galen Lab: The Galen Lab is an open lab for all Fine Arts students; lab access is 9am – 9pm, Monday – Thursday and 9am – 5pm, Friday – Sunday. The lab is run by the Intermedia Arts program and was established to support first and foremost the Intermedia Arts student body. About our workstations: The lab is equipped with 18 workstations, which support all Intermedia software. The bank of 10 workstations along the rear wall support Nikon 35MM slide scanning and Epson 3800 (up to 13 x 19) color printing, also available at one workstation is flat bed scanning and a Nikon 5000 scanner allowing 16 bit 35MM scans. The bank of 5 workstations along the front wall have the explicit purpose of supporting video production. Each fully equipped video workstation has a mini DV deck, NTSC monitor playback, available headphones and easy access power for your external hard drive. One MBOX and DAT deck unit is also available for advanced sound work; the MBOX and DAT deck is affixed to the 5 th workstation and students requiring its use will have priority access to this workstation. Students working on video projects will have priority access on these five stations, so it is recommended that students not working in video use one of the ten stations along the rear wall.
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INTERMEDIA LAB POLICIES The Galen Lab The Galen Lab is an open lab for all Fine Arts students, with lab access from 9am – 9pm, Monday – Thursday and 9am – 5pm, Friday – Sunday. A workstudy will always be on duty and present in the lab. If you have any questions, concerns or just need some help, please go to the workstudy for assistance. If you are unable to get the service you need, please write the Intermedia administration at [email protected] . Please take a moment to read the following policies 1 No food or drink is allowed in the Intermedia Labs. 2. You must sign in at the door when using the lab. 3. Intermedia and Roski School of Fine Arts students may use the Intermedia lab for the completion of art production and course projects only. The labs are NOT to be used for commercial work or projects unrelated to art production. Intermedia students currently enrolled in Intermedia courses have first priority on all equipment. 4. No outside software or filters will be allowed on Intermedia machines. Do not install anything on Intermedia computers without the express permission of the lab tech, including fonts, PhotoShop filters, and programs downloaded from the Internet, etc… 5. The desktop of each computer can be used for temporary storage of files, but students are personally responsible for their own storage and backup of all files. Before leaving the lab, backup your work to removable media. Non-system folders are dumped regularly.
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Galen_Handbook_Spring09_rev1 - INTERMEDIA SPRING 2009 USC...

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