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CH EN 2800 – Fundamentals of Process Engineering Spring 2008 HOMEWORK #6 Due Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Please… show your work write legibly and not in micro-font circle or put a box around your final answer 1. Book problem 21.9 2. Book problem 21.30 3. Book problem 21.47 4. Book problem 22.17 5. Book problem 22.19 6. Book problem 22.32 7. Book problem 23.2 8. Book problem 23.31 9. Book problem 23.49 10. Book problem 24.8 11. Book problem 24.21 12. Book problem 24.29 13. If I plug a 1200-watt refrigerator into a very well sealed and insulated 150 m 3 room, and leave the refrigerator door open, will the temperature in the room be warmer, colder or the same after 1 hour of operation? You can assume that, due to the good insulation, heat transfer between the room and surroundings is zero. (Data: C p , air = 1013 J/kg-K, P = 755 mm Hg. Refrigerator cooling coil temperature = 15°F.) 14. I have found that doing the homework for CH EN 2800 occupies my entire week, leaving me no time
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Unformatted text preview: for doing anything else, even eating! I understand that I need to provide my body with energy, however, and I have found a clever solution. I dismantled an extension cord and taped the two wires to my right ear and left big toe. I plug myself in for 5 hours during the evening, after which I feel refreshed and full of life. Normally, I eat 2400 Calories per day (which is actually 2400 kcal see page 612). The energy I input by plugging myself in just matches this food intake. (a) If electricity costs 5.8 cents per kilowatt-hour, how much will my monthly electric bill increase assuming a 30-day month? (b) If my logic is failed, and the input energy only goes into heating up my body, how much does my body temperature rise after one charging session. Assume that 30% of the input energy is lost to the surroundings during those 5 hours. Also, since the human body is about 70% water, you can use the C p of water. I weigh 73 kg....
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