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2800 HW 7 - The 500 MW value can be considered the amount...

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CH EN 2800 – Fundamentals of Process Engineering Spring 2008 HOMEWORK #7 Due Friday, April 4, 2008 Please… show your work write legibly and not in micro-font circle or put a box around your final answer 1. Book Problem 25.4 2. Book Problem 25.10, parts a, d, g, j, m 3. Book Problem 25.27 4. Book Problem 25.31 5. Book Problem 26.14 6. Book Problem 26.23 7. Book Problem 27.10 NOTE: There are a couple typos (at least in my copy of the seventh edition – some of you may have newer printings with this corrected). Boiler efficiency should read "heat added to the steam" (not stream). Also, it should be "steam turbine" not "gas turbine".
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Unformatted text preview: The 500 MW value can be considered the amount of electricity output from the electric generator (which is coupled to the turbine). 8. The HHV for combustion of ethane is given in Appendix F as –1559.9 kJ/mol. What is the LHV of ethane? 9. 400 kg/hr of crystalline sodium hydroxide at 25°C is mixed in a tank into which 7200 kg/hr water at 25°C is fed. If the product solution is to be maintained at 25°C, how much heat must be removed from the system. Please give your answer in kilowatts. Data is available in Appendix H of the book....
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