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CH EN 2800 – Fundamentals of Process Engineering Summer 2008 HOMEWORK #8 Due July 3, 2008 Before class To ensure that you receive full credit for your solutions, write out all equations in symbolic form, give numerical values for all variables and in the equations, and write answers to conceptual problems in complete sentences. If you use Excel, MATLAB, or other software to solve equations,
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Unformatted text preview: attach a printout of the results and all equations. Chapter 19 The Phase Rule and Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Problem 1.0 19.23, p. 587 Problem 2.0 19.26, p. 587 Problem 3.0 19.30, p. 588 Chapter 20 Liquids and Gases in Equilibrium with Solids Problem 4.0 20.3, p. 601 Problem 5.0 20.7, p. 602 Problem 6.0 20.8, p. 602...
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