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2800%20HW%203 - conceptual problems in complete sentences...

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CH EN 2800 – Fundamentals of Process Engineering Summer 2008 HOMEWORK #3 Due May 29, 2008 Before class Please… show your work write legibly and not in micro-font circle or put a box around your final answer To ensure that you receive full credit for your solutions, write out all equations in symbolic form, give numerical values for all variables and constants in the equations, and write answers to
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Unformatted text preview: conceptual problems in complete sentences. Chapter 10 Material Balances Involving Reactions Problem 1.0 10.9, p. 300. Problem 2.0 10.18, p. 301. Chapter 11 Material Balances on Processes Involving Multiple Units Problem 3.0 11.8, p. 333. Problem 4.0 11.12, p. 336....
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